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It's the annual best friends camping trip for the gang, but this year is a little different.Ben is not happy that Tom invited Angela to come, and that Hank invited Ginger.Tom and Ben are afraid that they will too, so they pull out a device called the Future Tron 6000 which lets them view their future on a television screen.As it turns out, their future is worse, so they try to fix it, but nothing works.Hank challenges Ben to a match called the "Barrage in the Garage".Ben becomes very stressed over trying to beat Hank, who is very relaxed and eats a sandwich.

Ben heads off on his own but discovers he is able to chat on the Internet with the moon, and becomes friends with it. Meanwhile, Tom talks with the others about how Ben would always say no to his ideas, but the others recall situations where Ben's saying no was actually helpful.But Ben receives an invitation from a university, and decides to attend that instead of the finals.There, he discovers he isn't going to be a colleague but a test subject to the effects of high doses of EMF.But when Ginger takes posts photos of her getting upset and flipping a table, she starts becoming popular on the Click Feed Hot New Celebrity List. Ginger then sets up a fake date between Tom and Angela to film them breaking up.When that video tops the list, Angela has second thoughts about her celebrity image being more important than her singing career.

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