Updating ata controller firmware dating air force cadet

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The supported methods to upgrade from one pf Sense release to another depend on the platform being used.Any version of pf Sense can be reliably upgraded to any newer version while retaining the existing configuration. So long as the firmware is moving from an older version to a newer version, it will work unless noted otherwise.The restore could be done after a reinstall or in-place upgrade changing the architecture, but the data must be backed up before the switch is made.

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There is a chance that a regression from one version to another, either in the pf Sense or Free BSD code, can leave the firewall unusable.

It is always safest to remove packages before upgrading to a new major release.

Packages will be reinstalled afterward, but are frequently a source of problems.

Configurations from newer versions cannot be restored to older versions.

For Nano BSD, this can be done by switching back to the previous update slice from the GUI, console, or boot menu.

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