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Even in the era before Facebook, his birthdays used to be massive affairs with dozens (sometimes over a hundred) people invited to descend upon a particular bar of choice (at least ever since he turned 21).

I’ve joked that such parties usually are so massive and offer such an economic boom to some of the small bars that he chooses, that such bars likely consider his birthday to be akin to their “Black Friday”.

As always, I was invited and as always, I attended.

This year’s affair was at a different bar (which was within reasonable travel distance for me) and had a slightly lower turn out than the previous year.

As usual, there was nobody who appeared “single” at this establishment.

I have rarely seen anyone at the various bars that my friends have chosen who wasn’t a part of a couple or a band of couples.

You can even see Avan hug Victoria around her stomach when he catches her.

They are, obviously close friends, and are often seen side by side in both photos and videos.

And while some of their shenanigans have lessened with age, their desire to gather and drink socially usually hasn’t. I can’t help but notice how much chemistry there is between Avan Jogia and Victoria Justice.While playing Marco Polo, they are both obviously happy.It was a good thing as the bar was a lot smaller than previous ones chosen.I don’t drink very often; if I do it usually is in some social setting and I don’t drink very much.

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