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CBI maintains a museum of historic and ancient jewelry owned and used by the ex-kings of Persia.

This museum houses the Imperial Crown Jewels and is one of the most appealing tourist attractions in Iran.

As of 2010, Iran’s Central Bank, is not able to conduct a “proactive” monetary policy (e.g.

it needs Majlis' approval before issuing participation bonds) and has no control over the government’s fiscal policy.

In reality, however, these dividends have become fixed rates of return—depositors have never lost their savings because of losses made by the banks and almost never received returns larger than the provisional ex-ante profit rates.

In modern banking, the British first opened the Imperial Bank of Persia in 1889, with offices in all major cities of Persia and India.

It was established in 1885 with a concession from the government of Persia to Baron Julius De Reuter, under a Royal charter from Queen Victoria.

In practice, the ability of the banking system to create money is not much constrained by the amount of scriptural money through fractional reserve banking.

Indeed, most banks first extend credit and look for reserves later.

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