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Creed, were able to defeat the remaining servants of the Ruinous Powers who had made planetfall in the initial assault on the Fortress World.

But this victory proved to be no more than a brief respite.

The faceless masses of Humanity are little more than grist for the mill of survival, an ever-abundant fuel source that keeps the bloody wheels turning.

Endless billions labour in the fire-lit confines of factory worlds, entire generations living and dying without ever seeing the sky.

For all their efforts, more worlds are lost every standard year, even supposedly impregnable strongholds such as Enceladus and Minisotira being swallowed by anarchy. The Oracle of Ulandros has spoken for the first time in ten generations, prophesying death on a scale never seen before.

From the bellies of leviathan warships to the mindless drudgery of city-sized scriptorums, from the crowded warrens of lightless underhives to the frozen misery of perilous asteroid mines, every day is filled with hardship for the common folk of the Emperor's realm. Those with their heads bowed by exhaustion cannot look up to see the horrors pressing close from the darkness above. To them falls the burden of knowledge, and the terrible weight of responsibility.Abaddon launched a second, far larger assault on the Cadian Gate that unleashed the full daemonic fury of the Eye of Terror directly upon an already-battered Cadia.Though the arrival of some unexpected Imperial reinforcements prevented Abaddon from personally sealing his victory by crushing Cadia's defenders, and led to the destruction of the Blackstone Fortress Will of Eternity, the Despoiler unleashed a brutal contingency plan.The hellish energies of the Warp press close against the veil of reality, and every day brings inevitable doom a little closer...To dwell within the Imperium of Man is to inhabit a dystopian nightmare.

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