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The Hub-center steering as developed by Ascanio Rodorigo, on a concept associated to Massimo Tamburini is a complex front swingarm alternative system that entails suspension and steering, as seen in projects such as Bimota Tesi and Vyrus motorcycles.Most motorcycles today use telescopic forks for the front suspension.Two disadvantages of USD forks are: (i) they are more expensive than conventional telescopic forks; and (ii) they are liable to lose all their damping oil should an oil seal fail.USD forks are typically found on sportbikes, though the Honda Valkyrie featured USD forks.

The most common form of front suspension for a modern motorcycle is the telescopic fork.

More air pressure gives more pre-load, and vice versa.

Basic fork designs use a simple damper-rod system, in which damping is controlled by the passage of fork oil through an orifice.

On conventional telescopic forks, the lower portion or fork bodies ("fork sliders" in the UK), slide up and down the fork tubes ("fork stanchions" in the UK).

The fork tubes must be mirror-smooth to seal the fork oil inside the fork.

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