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He also has been a participant in the Omega Camp for four years in a row.

Really though, none of their stuff had got broken in the earthquake, but Pepper invited himself over to their house to help.

The department said they released the entire recording from the officer's body cam "in the interest of transparency" and to correct some of the misinformation that has been shared.

Police said the social media video post shared by the bystander online included the following statement: Very disturbing video. We were told that this 11 year old boy was playing outside, throwing rocks when the police pulled up with guns drawn.

Police said in an official release that they were dispatched to a call involving juveniles in possession of a BB gun and throwing rocks on June 29.

The caller told dispatchers that the child with the BB gun had used it earlier to shoot her son in the buttocks, and said children had thrown rocks at her house and vehicle.

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