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And learn what not to say to that girl who has been eyeing you across the bar.

We take you into the arena and show you the ropes of excelling in it. Finally a film that covers the dating scene in NYC, pre Bloomberg, where people would just go out and have a great time.

There are 200,000 more single women than single men in the Big Apple, so men are kings here!

If you want to see a time capsule, how much fun life was, in Manhattan between Washington Square Park and Wall Street, this is your movie.

Wouldn't it be nice to have some expert advice on New York City dating etiquette and get some pointers on what NOT to do?

Unfortunately, I have been out of the dating game for years and was never very good at it to begin with.

Jim Smith was the co-author of Soul Searching: An Unofficial Guide to the Life and Trials of Ally Mc Beal.

He has written about television for a variety of publications, including SFX and the official Xena: Warrior Princess monthly.

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