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(Spoto, 94) All traces disappear after Hellenization of the island. The Greeks eventually go as far west as Himera on the north coast and Agrigento on the south coast.

The Carthaginieans maintain control of western Sicily including Palermo.

The execution, by decapitation of Il Gualtiero di Caltagirone on May 22, 1283 in the piazza S. This act signaled the triumph of Aragon and the end of any lingering aspirations for Sicilian Independence born with the Vespers.

Archeologists found implements similar to those found in the Cala dei Genovese grotto on the island of Lévanzo.

(Spoto, Sicilia Antica) Sicans arrive on the island. Chief settlement was Sant' Angelo Muxaro near Agrigento.

This brief flirtation with Sicilian Independence and self rule ended with the involvement of Peter III of Aragon whose help had been sought by the revolutionaries.

Seeking the help of Peter of Aragon was a colossal blunder on the part of the Sicilians and resulted in 572 years of Spanish domination.

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