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An arsenic corrosion inhibitor named W-41 was used at Lake St. The geochemical signature of the arsenic usage and its migration is preserved in shallow groundwater below the old oilfield pits.This Earth World is a Holographic meeting place of consciousness. The only difference is the level of awareness of the OBSERVER of what is consciously playing out IN the FIELD OF AWARENESS. Your form and YOUR version of reality is held within YOUR Eternal Consciousness. It is the consciousness and frequency of the observer, that determines the experience. It is only your subconscious that HOLDS within it any idea of pain and separation, that is in the process of releasing those old beliefs. I was driven to school every day for 12 years before I got my license, but I still managed to get lost when I drove myself for the first time.First Time Going Away Together - The first road trip/vacation has killed many a relationship.

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If you're going to weddings, you note the good and bad things about each in a quest to make yours the best.

More recently, I got turned around in the complex West Village (West Village streets are not named after numbers, and the streets curve-totally confusing).

Landmarks provide structure and direction for chronically lost souls like me, and do so in relationships too.

But, when it's sincere and timed correctly it's a beautiful thing.

Meet The Parents - Meeting the parents is a signal of a long term relationship.

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