Dating a narcissistic sociopath will keep updating

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[They are, however, able to fake empathy and emotions!] The work of a committed relationship – the demand for emotional intimacy – would always be threatening to their false self and sense of control (and deep down they know they are incapable of it). As the destructiveness of your relationship becomes apparent to you, it is hard to wrap your head around what has happened.

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Remember, narcissists and socio/psychopaths by definition lack true empathy.He will never admit wrong or have remorse for a behavior that has caused you hurt.His blaming behavior may cause you to examine yourself, wonder what is wrong with you.He has felt comfortable hurting or taking advantage of you, lying and deceiving you for perhaps many years – many years that now seem to have gone up in smoke.Many years that you believed you were investing your love in a life together.

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