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If you find your small super account has been transferred to the ATO, don’t be annoyed, super funds have to do this. You can claim it back and transfer it into your main super account. Secondly, AUSfund can locate any unclaimed super that has been recently transferred to its accounts. Check with AUSfund to see if any lost or unclaimed super has been sent there Step 4. There are two primary ways to find any lost or unclaimed superannuation. For a more comprehensive search of all your superannuation, you’ll need to register for a secure login with the ATO.Young people who have multiple accounts and don’t consolidate those accounts risk eroding their super balances unnecessarily by paying multiple fees and charges.

Go to https://au/ The ATO may be holding some unclaimed super on your behalf.If you are not, the first thing you can do is take it up with your employer.The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) can also help you with information and advice on your super entitlements and recovering any contributions your employer has not paid. Each account will typically have a fixed administration charge of at least 0 a year.We'll send you an sms or email when your super search results are available on My AMP, and an email with instructions on how to log in.Ten days after this, we will initiate consolidation of all the superannuation we find into your AMP account.

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