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Terms and Conditions NOTE: If you cannot access e Chat during the online hours, please try a different browser. Statutory holidays: closed French-speaking counsellors are available Monday – Friday, 10 a.m. Nous sommes très désolée mais nous ne pouvons pas montrer le sujet auquel vous cherchez. I like the idea of one to one, in private, until you feel comfortable to speak in public.

Still, Sue remembers the vitriol unleashed on social media. "It's almost as though people think, 'They must be part of the crime or must condone it,' especially if they don't leave the person," says Fedoroff.Ceci pourrait être pour quelque raison : * Le sujet a été enlevé par les administrateurs.* Le sujet fusionné ou réorganisé dans notre taxonomie.About a decade ago, a conversation with the wife of a sex offender sparked an idea in psychiatrist Dr. The woman was telling the director of the Sexual Behaviours Clinic at the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre that there was a whole team of experts dedicated to her husband's treatment, but no one for her to talk to. How do wives and children of sex offenders — whom he refers to as "secondary victims" — grapple with the ordeal of learning their loved one has been secretly amassing a catalogue of pornographic children's images? Or has fantasized about fondling his sons or daughters? "I've lost all my friends, got kicked out of my church ... And I didn't do anything." She had a point, thought Fedoroff.

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