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When you read, hear and converse in a language, your senses hurl into hyperdrive.This multisensory explosion triggers processes which flex crucial areas of your brain.Reading also jam-packs your brain with tons of knowledge and vocabulary. When you repeat a fact, you set the wheels of memory in motion again.Try to pick up a good book and read on a daily basis. The process of cumulatively reviewing information helps your knowledge to stick. Moments of brilliance change the course of history. Of all our personality traits, intelligence is the most admired and useful tool available. Society celebrates smart people, and rightly so: Our survival depends on good decisions.

You’ll manage your time better and become more intelligent much faster. Yes, regardless of content, reading increases your intelligence. Cunningham claims that children who read turn into smart adults.

The more your brain struggles to deal with and respond to information, the stronger it becomes.

The chain of events works like this: Not only does speech supercharge these vital regions of your brain, language learning also utilizes analytical reasoning and memory.

Like dropping your keys in a crowded nightclub, memories disappear in the chaos of thought. Anticipate this inevitability by planning to review anything you want to remember.

Repetitive learning increases the retention of knowledge.

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