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However, at the end of World War II many ethnic Germans were forcibly deported to the Soviet Union (), and subsequently many more emigrated to West Germany after Romania became a communist country.Jews have lived in Braşov since 1807, when Aron Ben Jehuda was given permission to live in the city, a privilege until then granted only to Saxons.At least two entrances to the city, ), which some claim to be the largest Gothic style church in South-Eastern Europe.Once Braşov became a German colony, Romanians were denied several privileges by the new German settlers.It is surrounded by the Southern Carpathians, and is part of the Transylvania region.The city is notable for hosting the Golden Stag International Music Festival.The location of the city at the intersection of trade routes linking the Ottoman Empire and Western Europe, together with certain tax exemptions, allowed Saxon merchants to obtain considerable wealth and exert a strong political influence.

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Although the crusaders were evicted by 1225, the colonists they brought in remained, along with local population, as did three distinct settlements they founded on the site of Braşov: Germans living in Braşov were mainly involved in trade and crafts.

Archaeologists, working from the last half of the 19th century, discovered continuous traces of human settlements in areas situated in Braşov: Valea Cetăţii, Pietrele lui Solomon, Şprenghi, Tâmpa, Dealul Melcilor, and Noua.

The first three locations shows traces of Dacian citadels; Şprenghi Hill housed a Roman-style construction.

The Jewish Community of Braşov was officially founded 19 years later, followed by the first Jewish school in 1864, and the building of the synagogue in 1901.

The Jewish population of Braşov was 67 in 1850, but it expanded rapidly to 1,280 people in 1910, and 4,000 in 1940.

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